Bottom Structure Technology


Betram advocates that all pits to be sealed watertight. We also advocate the construction of sealed  brick or block structures. All of these structures requires local community members in the construction of it and therefore provides substantial job opportunities.

Concrete Lined Pit:

Pit Structure panels consist of:

Long beams                (4)

Short beams               (5)

Side panel                   (4)

End panel                    (2)


  • Reinforced concrete panels in kit form
  • Non-collapsible technology includes cross beams inside the structure
  • Capacity consists of 1.58 or 2.5 cubic meter
  • Pit technology can be sealed or seeping
  • Sealed pits are recommended in order to prevent underground water pollution
  • Accommodates a sizeable inspection hole for O&M purposes
  • Inspection hole accommodates an easily removable cover slab that also ensure safety
  • In high water table areas all joints are sealed watertight to ensure that no water or other fluids enter the pit
  • Steel reinforced concrete panels with minimum 28 day strength of 40 MPA
  • The Bottom Structure top panel technology design makes it impossible for floor slabs and cover slabs to collapse
  • The total thickness of the Super Structure Floor slap and Bottom Structure Top slab provides an effective thickness of 80mm

Combination and construction of Top Structure with the Bottom Structure

This technology is essential in securing an odourless and fly free toilet.

This unique technology is the effective sealing between Super Structure Floor slabs and Bottom Structure Top Slabs, resulting in constant negative pressure in the Bottom structure.

This allows air to flow from the Super Structure pedestal into the Bottom structure and out through the heated vent pipe, resulting in one-way air-flow.  This air-flow dynamic ensures an odourless toilet.