Pedestal with complete Urine Diversion System and Ecological System

The Urine Diversion Pedestal Design Technology allows for the effective separation of urine and faeces at source. A major technology design feature of the separator is that it is not visible to the end-user and thus does not negatively affect dignity.  Another key design feature is that the inlet of separated urine and fluids is smaller than the outlet, therefore securing a non-blockage system.

The inner shell of the toilet can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes if so required. The flow of hand wash water is diverted through the seat and runs down the inside of the pedestal where it is disposed through the separator.


Pedestal Seat Design

The unique technology of the seat design is that there is no inside over hang, therefore preventing insects from crawling and nesting under the seat and causing distress to the end-user. The white colour of the pedestal represents visual hygiene practices.

Pedestal Lid Design

The lid is designed to function as a child safety seat

The lid is designed to allow a small opening all around the seat when it is in its closed position, therefore allowing airflow into the pit and contributing to an odourless toilet.

  • aesthetically pleasing design in white and blue
  • manufactured from high density moiling plastic material
  • hinged seat forms past of the pedestal and is uniquely designed for safety and comfort
  • no overhang of the seat eliminates accumulation of insects / dirt
  • built- in child safety seat and lid
  • Urine Diversion System separates urine and faeces at source
  • consists of an outlet that uses the hand washing water to rinse the pedestal and improves the moist content under the garden.
  • strong, durable and aesthetically appealing
  • spacious layout with at least 600mm legroom