Hand Washing Facility Inside the Toilet

To our knowledge Betram was the first manufacturer globally to introduce a hand washing facility inside the toilet, contributing to significant improvements in health and hygiene practices. Betram supports this WHO Principle as it reduces contamination and sanitation related diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, pneumonia etc, drastically resulting in poverty eradication, reducing Health budgets, improving dignity, improving school attendance and many more.  The Hand Washing facility inside the toilet is specifically designed for health, hygiene and dignity purposes.

  • hands washed under running water with soap
  • minimum water requirement for hand wash: between 300-400ml of water per wash
  • if there is no water available the system still functions as a dry system
  • hand wash water released outside the pit? (check)
  • comprises of a reservoir, hand washbasin, and a cistern

It needs to be mentioned that where people live there is water, not necessarily enough for waterborne systems, but surely enough for hand washing.,


PLEASE NOTE: This system is not dependent on water to function, but water can be  sparingly used for washing of hands under running water with soap (as requested by the World Health Organisation).

The main technology feature of the hand wash facility inside the toilet lies in a free-flow system with an overflow methodology inside the cistern.  Thus, the system is not dependable on any mechanical parts and all hand washing water does not accumulate in the wash basin and is directly disposed outside the pit via the separating system.  It works in conjunction with the uniquely designed Urine Diversion System.