Amalooloo Ecological System / Eco-foodgarden

  • The outlet opening of the channel may advantageously be oriented to direct urine and cleaning water to an ecologically acceptable or friendly disposal zone in the form of a planted area for use as a growing medium and fertiliser by plants. The plants are ideally of a variety which flourishes when fed with, or at least tolerates, nitrogen, phosphorus potassium and/or minerals which are abundant in urine.¬† Thus, the outlet opening may be in fluid flow communication with a manifold having a plurality of branches, the branches having outlets proximate the ecologically acceptable disposal zone.
  • Complete hygienic and human friendly ecological system applicable for vegetable gardens, crops and/or gardens.
  • These gardens require no fertiliser and the minimum amount of watering.
  • A garden can provide a household with fresh vegetables all year round.
  • The quality of these vegetables exceeds the quality of mass producers of agricultural produce due to its natural and uncontaminated resources