Amalooloo believes that it is very child’s right to have fully functioning and sustainable Water and Sanitation solutions available in every school in the country.  As part of our Social Development Programme we are committed to continue our donations of Amalooloo Toilets to schools across South Africa.

Typical problems identified in schools include dysfunctional, blocked, broken, vandalised toilets or toilet buildings used as storage for broken school furniture. In some schools the smelly toilets were kept locked so that children could not use them anymore. We have been very successful in the implementation of school sanitation solutions. It involves the layout, method of positioning, control, education, management, responsibility, vegetable gardening, etc. Traditionally school attendance is negatively affected as children stay away due to bad sanitation. Read more on our School Sanitation feedback reports.

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Name of the school : Morelig Combined School

Place                              : Klippan

Head of school          : Sam Maseko

Contact no.                 : 072 158 5540


The above information is for one of the poor schools in Mpumalanga region  , the old infrastructure was impossible for one to use. According to the principal (Maseko S) in this case so of the pupil when nature calls they go home to relief them self’s and never come back to school.

It was also a big challenge for girls who are now old enough to can see menstruation days most they don’t come to school.


So in essence to have amalooloo toilets installed in their school yard has impacted them in a good way by:

  • Making it easier for the girls to use the loo.
  • Maximum attendance of pupil.
  • Restored their dignity both leaners and educators.
  • Privacy is at its best.
  • And surely it has improved the health and hygiene standards within the school.
  • Cleaning of the toilets every day it’s a norm now.