Our Approach

Ultimately our priority is the end-user themselves. The men, women and children who don’t have immediate access to a toilet that is safe, private and easy to use.  Even more important is the improvement of health and hygiene technologies that will contribute to the elimination of Sanitation related disease like diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery etc.

We continue to work to bring an end to sanitation problems in South Africa and uphold the socio-economic right of every person to have immediate access to an adequate, functional and dignified sanitation solution suit to their living environment and circumstances.

We believe that sanitation is a social issue and we therefore work closely with the communities we are involved in.  Their feedback tell us that they want products that are beautiful, inviting, clean and odourless. We keep working to find ways of creating products that will empower and uphold the dignity of every end-user and inspire ownership and pride in their Amalooloo.