Company Overview

Founded in 1986, Betram (Pty) Ltd has an impeccable record in the design and development of holistic, sustainable and ecologically friendly sanitation solutions.

Our Holistic, Sustainable and Ecologically Friendly Sanitation Solution with extensive Health and Hygiene benefits has resulted in the improvement of dignity and quality of life that our people so rightfully deserve.

Betram has developed and patented a unique sanitation system for both Waterborne and Dry (Ventilated Improved Pit) Structures – the Amalooloo. We are industry experts and continue to invest substantially in research and development to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of advanced sanitation technology.

We believe that our Amalooloo System is at the forefront of solving sanitation problems in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.  It is an affordable, superior product without compromising on quality or style and includes the the safe management, collection, storage, treatment and disposal of human excreta.  Our unique Urine Diversion System (UDS) is one of the key components in the completion of the ‘Sanitation Loop’

Our researched results have been monitored by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.  The outcome of the results has proven to be a world break- through in closing the sanitation loop.

Since 2003 Betram has successfully manufactured and supplied far in excess of 300 000 pre-cast concrete structures and in 2008 the company introduced its Holistic Sanitation system into the market with unsurpassed success.


  • To provide every household with a sustainable, holistic and ecologically friendly sanitation solution that is safe, private and easy to maintain.
  • To eradicate the Bucket System in South Africa.
  • To develop the most effective institutional mechanism to drive planning, implementation and maintenance to eradicate the sanitation backlog in South Africa – not just the backlog of ‘no access’, but also the backlog of poorly constructed, sub-standard products which has led to severe issues in terms of upgrading/ replacing.
  • To establish proactive maintenance practices…
  • To support every school to have a suitable sanitation solution.
  • To support communities in Sexual Violence/ Harassment Reduction.
  • To support women as key role players in Water and Sanitation.
  • Disease Prevention…
  • Productivity / Poverty ….


  • Every end-user matters / Human Rights principle.
  • Respect end-users’ cultural backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Safety, Privacy, Dignity.
  • Care about the environment.
  • Every technology developed holistically.
  • Hygiene.
  • Education.
  • Local Economic / Enterprise Development.
  • The Sanitation Loop.
  • Empower and inspire ownership.